Remuneration policy

Remuneration Policy of the Scanfil’s Governing Bodies complies with the recommendations on the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020. The remuneration policy comprises the general principles and procedures for the remuneration of Scanfil Plc’s members of the Board of Directors and the CEO. Scanfil Plc’s Annual General Meeting discusses the remuneration policy.

The purpose of the Remuneration Policy is to promote the Company’s long term financial performance and development of shareholder value by rewarding the Company’s senior management by engaging and motivating management to pursue the Company’s strategy in the best interest of all Company’s shareholder’s.

Remuneration policy:

  • Preamble
  • Decision Making Process
  • Remuneration of the Governing Bodies
  • Requirements for temporary deviation
  • Structure of remuneration
Remuneration Policy 2020
Remuneration Policy 2024