Equity Research

According to our information the following analysts follow Scanfil’s development. Contact information is provided for informational purposes only and Scanfil is not responsible for their comments and views.

According to the company’s knowledge three research companies are following and valuing Scanfil’s financial performance on a regular basis. Analysis are independent and Scanfil is not responsible for analysts’ comments and views.

Inderes Oy (commissioned research)
Antti Viljakainen
+358 44 591 2216
Inderes’ latest report (in Finnish)

Evli Pankki Oyj (commissioned research)
Joonas Ilvonen
+358 44 430 9071
Evli’s latest report

Nordea Oyj (commissioned research)
Pasi Väisänen
+358 9 5300 5192
Nordea’s latest report