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Half-year report for January-June 2022: Record high turnover


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Scanfil manufactures thousands of products worldwide but we never put our own brand name on any of them. We bring our customers’ products to life and to the market by providing state of the art services from product design, industrialization, supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control and distribution all the way to the end market.

Manufacturing services

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Electronics Manufacturing

We offer a full range of services, starting from prototyping to manufacturing and ending with a complete, fully tested and packaged end product.

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Mechanics Assembly

We are proud to offer flexible manufacturing methods and expert sheet metal fabrication from sub-assemblies to ready-made integrated units.

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System Integration

One of our key strengths is the ability to combine the manufacture of electronics and mechanics and, in this way, build high-quality and technically advanced integrated equipment.

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Production Outsourcing

Outsourcing your production needs or even the entire process from design to logistics will have a significant impact on the balance sheet and reduces the capital need of your business.

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Scanfil market segments

Scanfil systematically expands the customer base into new market segments that offer great growth potential

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Sustainability at Scanfil

Sustainability is a core value for us and part of our daily operations. It encompasses environmental, societal and human values which support sustainable development

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Scanfil & COVID-19

Scanfil has established global processes and countermeasures to mitigate the impact on your business partners and our employees.

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Open positions at Scanfil

The key to our success is having skilled employees who are committed to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Interested to join our team?

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Scanfil is a solvent and financially reliable partner for its customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.