TKE moves beyond – the future of urban mobility



MULTI elevator can move both vertically and horizontally

TKE Multi elevator sketch

Flying vehicles, mega bridges connecting cities and skyscrapers, super-connected street experiences enabling smooth travelling, and underground spaces for transportation and business. This all might sound like science fiction, but all this and more is what the future might bring us.

“We at TKE are moved by what moves people. We provide better access and new ways to travel longer distances with clear solutions for increasingly complex infrastructures for growing cities” states Juan Martin Sanabria, Cluster Manager Electrics and Electronics at TKE.

TKE has two megatrends that drive its business: urbanisation and sustainability. They enable urbanisation in a sustainable way by adding energy and time-saving technology for the benefit of the people and society.

“Ropes are used in all traditional elevators. They wear out, add weight, need space, and limit design. Our new MULTI is the world’s first cable-less elevator and it moves both vertically and horizontally” explains Mr. Sanabria about the ground-breaking solution. ”It can interconnect buildings and enable seamless moving experience in future cities”

MULTI gives architects a new kind of freedom to create and re-shape our urban environment.

Scanfil is TKE’s trusted manufacturing partner

Scanfil has 40 years of experience in demanding industrial customers and also decades of experience in the elevator industry. Customers are different, but quality demands are universal.   

“Quality is the key to everything. TKE recognizes that in order to be a world-class company, we need to have world-class suppliers. We look to partner ourselves with only those suppliers that produce a world-class product conforming to requirements and delivered on time”, Mr. Sanabria opens up the decision-making in selecting suppliers. “In selecting Scanfil, we appreciated their strong sense of quality, commitment, and their sustainability concept”

Scanfil drives organic growth in Central Europe and especially in Germany. Andreas Bohner is Global Sales Manager responsible for the Central European sales and also TKE as a customer.

“TKE is a good example of how we can utilise our global factory footprint and industry knowledge for the customer benefit. TKE operates in over 100 countries across the globe and we can support their operations closely in three continents”, says Mr. Bohner at Scanfil plc, Germany. ”Our partnership dates two years back and we both look actively into new opportunities to deepen our collaboration”

TKE is currently served at Scanfil’s Sieradz factory in Poland where we make PCBAs & Boxbuild. Sieradz serves mainly TKE’s factories in Germany, Brazil, and Spain. In addition to the existing collaboration, there are discussions regarding partnerships in prototyping and R&D.

“Scanfil has good knowledge about the elevator industry which is highly beneficial for us. We don’t have to explain to them what we do and aim at. We are always on the same page”, says Mr. Sanabria.

TK Elevator is formerly known as ThyssenKrupp’s elevator business. It became a separate company in 2020 and it is the world’s fifth-largest elevator manufacturing and service company. It aims to create new ways to travel longer distances and clear solutions for complex infrastructures. Read more about the TKE: