QleanAir offers clean air as a service for its customers



QleanAir Scandinavia has a unique business model and it offers clean air as a service for its customers.

QleanAir Scandinavia has a unique business model and it offers clean air as a service for its customers. Now with the pandemic clean indoor air has become even more important for us than before.

“There is a huge demand especially now when people are reverting to offices and employers want to guarantee safe working environment more than ever,” says QleanAir’s Sales Director Fredrik Aminoff. ”QleanAir solutions can be used in addition to the existing air ventilation system or as a separate air- cleaning unit if there is no air ventilation system in the building.”

There are differences between countries and regions regarding the legislation and rules concerning indoor air quality.

“Nordic countries have more regulation on indoor air quality than Central or Southern Europe. In the Nordics, our solutions are used to boost the existing air ventilation system and enhance the indoor air quality”, clarifies Aminoff. ”For example in Central and Southern Europe our solutions are used as an air ventilation system, but the replacement air is coming, e.g. through windows or doors.”

QleanAir FS70 is a perfect solution for logistics centres, bakeries, schools and offices

FS70 is an excellent solution for many places such as logistic centres, bakeries, schools and offices. Recently there has been especially good demand in Germany, where schools have been open during the pandemic and, there is an urgent need for clean indoor air. FS70 has been very popular due to the solutions’ flexibility, efficiency and user-friendliness.

“QleanAir solutions are usually rental contracts with full service agreement included. Our local QleanAir teams take care of the maintenance and changes filters”, Aminoff opens up the easiness that QleanAir customers get through the service. “We can also easily scale up if needed. We recommend to our customers to start with few devices and add those per need”.

Air cleaners, filters and capacity are usually tailored according to the m³ of the space. QleanAir has a different approach – also considering m³ – but more user-driven.

“People-centric approach takes into account people using the space. There are as many preferences as there are people”, Aminoff tells about the ideology behind the approach. “Even if calculations show air circulation and quality to be on a good level, it might not be for all of us. We need to listen to individuals who use the space”.

Flexible production partner supports QleanAir’s business model

QleanAir selected Scanfil as their production partner in 2017. Since then, Scanfil has been an essential part of QleanAir’s ecosystem.

“Scanfil is a business partner with whom we aim at the best-in-class solutions and services with excellent availability”, says COO Pär Bergdahl at QleanAir.”In addition to manufacturing and production services, we have agreed on warehouse services with Scanfil, which is rather rare. They keep agreed amount of our products in stock all the time, which allows fast deliveries based on customer need. It brings us flexibility”

For end-customer deliveries QleanAir uses their own logistics partner. Sometimes, when the logistic partner has had issues with on-time deliveries Scanfil has been stepping in and aided QleanAir. Scanfil has used their own logistics partners to secure on-time deliveries to end-customers.

“We have open and seamless communication with Scanfil’s Myslowice team. The real service level is weighed when something doesn’t’ go according to plans”, Bergdahl tells about the collaboration. “We have never been left alone, and that it unique and highly appreciated by us.”

Scanfil uses QleanAir solutions at its Myslowiche factory

To secure the air quality in certain areas at its factory Scanfil uses QleanAir solutions at Myslowice in Poland.

“There are near clean room standards required in some areas of production”, says Scanfil Myslowice’s Managing Director Rafal Kowalczyk. “For our purposes QleanAir’s FS70 was answer to our changing needs. If we change the layout of the factory, we can change the air ventilation as well”

FS70 has been a perfect fit for manufacturing areas. They are easy to scale up and move to the areas which need more efficient air ventilation.

“We looked into other options as well, but due to the scalability and transformability we decided to choose QleanAir”, explains Kowalczyk. “Because we produce FS70 solutions for QleanAir, we know what it is capable of.”