Market Segments

Markets and customer segments

Scanfil has a vast variety of customers from different industries. They are typically technology leaders of their field. Scanfil operates in the Nordics, our home market, we grow in Central Europe, the USA, and China.

Scanfil has a wide range of customers from small/mid-size to large. Scanfil divides its customers into the following customer segments: Advanced Consumer Applications, Automation & Safety, Connectivity, Energy & Cleantech, and Medtech & Life Science. Segments were changed in the first quarter of 2021 due to a change in customer structure related to the sale of the Hangzhou factory producing Communication base station.

Typical products of the different customers segments are as following:

Advanced Consumer Applications: End products and solutions are often used in public places. End products are e.g. self-service applications, handover automation (e.g. parcel lockers for logistic services), and elevators.

Automation & Safety: End products in this segment are e.g. cameras for network video solutions, access control systems, and automation systems.

Connectivity: End products in this segment are e.g. wireless connectivity modules and radio systems.

Energy & Cleantech: End products in this segment are e.g. reverse vending machines, air and water cleaners, indoor climate control systems, energy systems, and automated collection and sorting solutions.

Medtech & Life Science: End products for the segment are e.g. dental chairs, analysers, mass spectrometers and environmental measurement.