Managers’ transactions

Reporting obligation concerning business transactions of Scanfil plc’s managerial employees and parties closely associated with them

The Market Abuse Regulation EU/No. 596/2014 obligates the managerial employees of the issuer and parties closely associated with them to notify the issuer and the Financial Supervisory Authority (“FSA”) and the company (“Scanfil”) of any transactions they have entered into using the specific issuer’s shares, debt instruments, derivatives or other financial instruments.

Individuals bound by the reporting obligation

Employees working in managerial positions and parties closely associated with them are defined in subsections 25–26 of article 3.1 of MAR (e.g. Member of the Board of Directors, Member of the Management Team).

These business transactions must be reported immediately and no later than within three (3) working days of the completion of the transaction

How to report a business transactions

1.  Register at FSA online portal as a user here
2. File your transaction on FSA online portal (it guides you through step-by-step)
3. Copy the MAR Notification (paint the area and copy) and send it to

Information needed about the Scanfil plc:
LEI: 7437004XD6U0FFDCT507
Trading code: SCANFL
ISIN codes: FI4000029905

If you have any questions, primarily contact the Financial Supervisory Authority (tel. +358 10 831 51) or send email to

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