Merus Power’s solutions can solve problems related to sustainable energy production

The EU’s target of the share of renewable energy sources is 32% of energy end consumption by 2030. There are three major components in the equation: renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other low-carbon technologies.

Merus Power
Sustainable energy production can create quality issues in electricity. Merus Power’s solutions can solve these issues.

Renewable energy, i.e., electricity created by wind, solar, hydropower, or other renewable energy sources, might bring quality issues to the electrical grid. One minute wind doesn’t blow, or the sun doesn’t shine. This creates volatility in the power grid and variances in the stream. Quality issues of the power stream can be solved with suitable filters.

“When you hear the word “filter”, you immediately think of coffee, tea, or even air ventilation. However, these aren’t the only things that can be filtered. Unwanted variances and disturbances caused, for example, by renewable energy production, industrial automation, or variable speed drives can be filtered out from electricity.” says Jonna Kannosto, Marketing and Communications Director of Merus Power.

“In addition, the electric network needs stabilization support when the amount of renewable energy production increases. Our Merus™ Energy Storage Solution is the perfect remedy for this as it enables the easy integration of the most sustainable energy production technologies and stabilizes the grid. There is an increasing demand for both filtering and energy storage solutions as sustainable energy production capacity is expected to at least triple by 2030.”

Merus Power designs, manufactures, and sells Finnish innovative energy storage and power quality solutions as well as services. With its operations, Merus Power enables the growth of renewable energy in power grids and improves the energy efficiency of society.

Scanfil is a trusted partner in energy quality solutions

Scanfil has been Merus Power’s manufacturing partner for two years and serves Merus Power by Sievi factory in Finland.

“Our partnership with Merus Power started in 2019. Throughout the whole time, seamless and open communication has been in the important role of our relationship,” explains Jussi Mökkönen, Sales Manager at Scanfil. “The importance of a relationship had become one of the key success factors in 2020. In collaboration with Merus Power, we have been able to give long orders to semiconductor wholesalers who have improved our success in a tight market.”

Scanfil looks forward to expanding its partnership with Merus Power and helping them tap the huge market potential of their state-of-art solutions for energy storage and efficiency.

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