BrainCool and Scanfil – cooperation enabling customer’s growth

BrainCool Cooling Device for Medical Cooling
BrainCool Cooling Device manufactured by Scanfil

BrainCool is an innovative medical device company that develops and sells medical cooling systems for the healthcare sector. The company is listed on Stockholm Nasdaq First North Stock Exchange. One of their main products BrainCool™ System. It is developed for medical cooling. The device saves lives by increasing survival and minimizing brain damage by cooling the torso, thighs, head, and neck area. The demand for BrainCool™ System has been derived from the needs of the customers and patients.

The BrainCool™ System  (branded IQool™ System in the United States) is an advanced surface temperature management system with gel-free and adhesive-free pads that maintain fever control and manage patient temperature in critical care settings. The IQool™ System features an intuitive user interface, programmable protocol settings and acute temperature control.

The product is used in the treatment of various severe conditions such as stroke and cardiac arrest in hospitals with advanced intensive care. BrainCool™ Systems has a number of advantages compared to competitive technologies. It reaches the target temperature fast, the system is easy to use, the pads are made of reusable and long-lasting silicone, and the cooling fluid is antibacterial MPG (Monopropylene Glyco).

BrainCool™ System
The BrainCool™ System puts temperature control at your fingertips. BrainCool™ System offers an easy-to-use intuitive interface, informative graphics, and an automatic feedback loop allowing clinicians to manage their patients rather than a device.

Cooling Pads
The BrainCool™ System soft silicone pads along with the neoprene insulating wraps are user and patient friendly.

– Easy to apply
– NON-Adhesive
– Intimate skin contact
– Quick and easy skin checks
– PRE-Filled/No purging

High growth through new market entries
BrainCool aims to increase sales by at least 10 million U.S. dollars by 2025 and to reach new geographical market areas. Jon Berg, COO of BrainCool, says that as a growth company to attain the target they need a business partner like Scanfil.

“We are increasing dramatically in sales. Therefore, we need a partnership with a knowledgeable manufacturing service company like Scanfil. We strongly believe that Scanfil with its industry expertise and international factory chain is an ideal partner for us to expand our operations. With the help of Scanfil, we can internationalize our operations and adjust the production to meet the growing demand for BrainCool™ System and our other product portfolio.”

Deep cooperation started already in the early phases of product development
Scanfil’s role as a manufacturing partner is to help the customer to succeed. Jon Berg says that the cooperation between BrainCool and Scanfil has been close throughout the project. Especially Scanfil’s development department has been a big support in the development of the projects. Healthcare market knowledge, continuous improvement, and quality certifications are also highly appreciated according to Jon Berg. He also adds that honesty, flexibility, competence, and good customer service have been the cornerstones of the BrainCool and Scanfil collaboration.

“Scanfil has all the quality, knowledge, in short, everything that you need to produce a medical device.”

Steve Creutz, Managing Director of Scanfil Åtvidaberg admits that the cooperation between the two companies has been successful and fruitful for Scanfil Åtvidaberg too.

“This type of project and customer where we are involved from very early in the development phase and through all the steps into full manufacturing where we can use all of our competencies is a perfect match. We have now increased the manufacturing capacity and doubled our test capacity within a few weeks to meet BrainCool’s sales target today and in the coming years. And not to forget, this type of good cooperation is also developing us as an organization.”