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Scanfil as an investment

Scanfil is an international contract manufacturer and systems supplier for the electronics industry. Scanfil’s drive for self-sufficiency heavily steers the company’s operations and creates opportunities to reach the goal of profitable growth. Throughout its history, the company has had a strong profit-making culture. As a result, Scanfil is a solvent and financially reliable partner for its customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

Scanfil’s goal is to work in sustainable, long-term cooperation with its customers. Like its customers, the company operates internationally, and its customers include numerous significant international automation, energy, IT and health technology providers, as well as companies operating in the field of urbanization. Scanfil is the market leader in the Nordic countries, among the largest companies in its sector in Europe, and a household name in the global market.

Scanfil wants to be close to its customers. When it comes to competitiveness, Scanfil needs to be able to serve its customers globally. The company’s strategy is to establish production plants around the world to meet market demands and customer needs. As a result, Scanfil is able to help its customers to launch new products more quickly and to become established in new market areas.

Scanfil’s strong financial position enables growth investments, also in the future. The company is mainly seeking growth in the markets of Scandinavia and Central Europe. Scanfil is looking for both organic growth and growth through potential business acquisitions. Scanfil is well positioned to achieve future growth targets. The company is targeting organic growth of EUR 700 million by 2023.