Mechanics Manufacturing

The methods used in Scanfil’s mechanics manufacturing model allows for flexibility in production.

Scanfil’s objective is to use the latest technology. Applying the latest knowledge, manufacturing technologies and automation enables us to build our customers products at a lower cost. Increasing the level of automation makes it easier for us to respond more quickly to rapid and steep changes in demand in the market and the growing needs of customers to increase flexibility in production.

Scanfil acts as the driver in the networked operating environment it has built. Together with its production network, Scanfil has a deep expertise in the manufacture of mechanics and sheet metal products. The effectively functioning and controlled production network speeds reaction time and cost-efficiency of the entire production process.

The expertise of our personnel increases the diversity of Scanfil’s technically advanced mechanics manufacturing processes:

  • Effective, up-to-date technologies for punching, forming and cutting
  • Diverse and flexible bending methods
  • Effecting coating line solutions
  • Equipment for flexible automatic product handling and the readiness to apply the equipment to production needs of customers 
  • Effective utilisation of 3D models in production processes