Competitive Edge Starts with First-class Design

Scanfil's proven expertise in product logistics and manufacturing processes creates significant competitive benefits for R&D projects. We provide our customers with solutions that produce a high-quality and cost-efficient result. 

Key factors in the manufacture of a successful product include a consistent quality, material and supplier selections, and the functionality and control of production processes. In addition to product features, the competitiveness of the product in the market is defined in the design and development phase. The manufacturing costs of the product can best modified in the early stages of the project.

Scanfil design services:

  • Product design
  • Design of the production process and testing environment
  • Establishment of a supplier network
  • Manufacturing and analysis of test and prototype series
  • Quality planning and assurance
  • Testing design
  • Mechanical and production design

One of Scanfil's key competence areas is the management of production technologies in mechanics and electronics manufacturing. We identify optimal solutions for new products by creating and implementing environmental and manufacturing testing and prototyping series that undergo detailed testing and analysis phases.

The needs of our customers guide the development process and, as a result, we are continuously looking for more cost-efficient and innovative solutions. Scanfil's plants use advanced technologies, equipment and highly skilled employees are what make our customers’ products stand out from their competitors in the marketplace.

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