Realisator Robotics fire-fighter robot



Realisator Robotics develops fire-fighter robot together with Scanfil as their industrialisation partner.

Fumo fire-fighter robot
Fumo fire-fighter robot by Realisator Robotics

Realisator Robotics has, together with Scanfil and in close cooperation with the larger Swedish Rescue Services and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), developed a fire-fighting robot Fumo.

Fumo is a remote-controlled multifunctional search and support robot aiming for a better work environment for the fire-fighters and safer undertakings. For the fire brigades, Fumo brings increased tactical operational capability.

The multipurpose characteristic means that Fumo can, among others, be used to extinguish fire e.g. in electrical cars, search for people or dangerous objects in areas with zero visibility conditions, indicate a gas leak, pull waterfilled heavy fire hoses, among others, with the operator positioned at a safe distance.

“Fumo is a result of a long development work which started already 11 years ago”, says Realisator Robotics founder and CEO Thomas Eriksson. “To go from an idea to an industrialised product is a tricky path. Especially industrialisation is difficult, but we are very satisfied with our cooperation with Scanfil and their way to guide us to a successful result.”

Collaborations with Scanfil started in 2019 when Realisator Robotics approached Scanfil by knowing its ability to industrialise ideas and scale them up into mass production. There is already some competition in the market for fire-fighting search and support robots, but the market today is very immature and shows a lot of potentials.

“Both Scanfil and Realisator Robotics see a lot of potential in this project. There is a global market for these kinds of products which can save human lives and make fire-fighters dangerous and valuable work slightly easier and less dangerous”, states Scanfil Åtvidaberg’s Managing Director Steve Creutz.

Scanfil Åtvidaberg is a near-to-customer R&D-driven factory where the first steps of the industrialisation of a new product are taken.