New whistleblowing channel launched to uphold integrity 


Scanfil launched new whistleblowing channel to uphold integrity
Scanfil launched new whistleblowing channel to uphold integrity

In today’s corporate landscape, transparency is paramount. Whistleblowing channels serve as a crucial mechanism for all stakeholders and customers alike to uphold integrity within organizations.  
Whistleblowing channels are structured avenues within organizations that allow employees, customers, or stakeholders to report unethical, illegal, or fraudulent activities. These channels can take various forms, such as hotlines, online platforms, or designated email addresses, ensuring anonymity and confidentiality for the whistleblower. Scanfil has chosen an online platform to replace the previous email-based reporting.  
Whistleblowing channels empower stakeholders and customers to speak up against misconduct without fear of reprisal. By reporting unethical behavior, they contribute to safeguarding the organization’s integrity and reputation. It holds individuals and entities responsible for their actions, fostering a culture of transparency and ethical conduct. 
Scanfil wants to foster ethical culture and sends a clear message that unethical behavior will not be tolerated, promoting trust and confidence in the organization. New whistleblowing channel