Scanfil plc: Notification of managers’ transactions


SCANFIL PLC          MANAGERS’  TRANSACTIONS      30 May 2017    1:00 P.M.

Scanfil plc: Notification of managers’ transactions

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name:                                                        Takanen, Tomi
Position:                                                     Other senior manager

Name:                                                         Scanfil Oyj
LEI:                                                             7437004XD6U0FFDCT507

Initial Notification
Reference number:                                     7437004XD6U0FFDCT507_20170529132203_2

Transaction details
Transaction date:                                         2017-05-29
Venue :                                                         Off-Exchange transactions (XOFF)

Nature of transaction:                                  Exercise of a stock option
Further details:                                             Linked to stock option programme

Instrument:                                                   Financial instrument linked to a share or a debt instrument
ISIN:                                                              N/A, Option scheme 2013 (B)

Volume:                                                         25 000
Unit price:                                                      1,41000

Aggregated transactions:
Volume:                                                         25 000
Volume weighted average price:                  1,41000



Petteri Jokitalo


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