Scanfil supports children’s and youth sports teams in its operating areas

The sports activities of the summer season are in full swing. Scanfil supports multiple sports teams also this year. The biggest sport is football and the most exotic is cricket.

Scanfil supports the active lifestyle of children and young people in its operating areas. Many different sports are supported, for example football, ice hockey, Finnish baseball called pesäpallo, orienteering, gymnastics and cricket.

“Our goal is to play our part in enabling children and young people to get involved in physical activities. There are many physical and psychological benefits from exercise and an active lifestyle”, says Harri Takanen, the Chair of Scanfil’s Board of Directors, who is an active runner himself. “At its best, a sport hobby is not only exercise for a child or young person, but also an opportunity to be together with friends and gain experiences of success.”

In the past years, there has been an increasing need for corporate sponsorship due to the growing costs of hobbies. In addition, high inflation has reduced the possibility of many families to finance children’s and young people’s physical activities. Scanfil factories play an active role in sponsoring youth sports in local areas.

Every year, our Sieradz factory in Poland organizes a run for children as part of the running event “Running through the streets of Sieradz”. It is one of the oldest organized runs in Poland. “This year, over 100 children took part in the 400-meter run. All children get their own Scanfil shirts to wear and after the run, we organize a kids’ zone with plenty of activities and attractions”, tells Marta Warszewska, HR Business Partner at Scanfil Sieradz.

Our Åtvidaberg factory in Sweden is supporting local youth football teams in age categories from 7-16. “We find supporting youth sports especially important, and we are happy to be able to sponsor the local football teams so that more local youth can do sports”, says Marie Sjödin, HR Manager at Scanfil Åtvidaberg.

We will continue to sponsor youth sports in 2023.