Scanfil SMART – Well on our way towards a completely transparent value chain



How does a SMART factory look like? When you enter into Scanfil’s factory, you step into a modern and highly-automated factory. Systems are seamlessly communicating with each other. You can see, for example, AIVs (autonomous vehicles) delivering goods to a COBOT (collaborative robot), and the COBOT starts working by automatically defined schedule based on actual production status and data. Minimum human interference is needed.

All this is enabled by efficient MES connected to other key systems such as ERP. MES stands for “Manufacturing Execution System” and can be seen as the production shop floor’s brain, controlling all material and information flows in all manufacturing process phases. All key process phases, machines, and equipment are connected into the MES enabling strict routing control. This secures that all value added processes are executed in right order and at the right time.

Scanfil’s highly integrated system brings a lot of advantages to production shop floor execution. In-line visibility and real-time information enable quality and productivity improvement. It also brings, for example, the possibility to react in advance to possible line stops. This means that the system can predict, for example, material shortages. All in all  MES brings many advanced manufacturing tools that will lead to better and even more professional service towards our customers.

MES is just one part of Scanfil’s SMART infrastructure, which will, in the future, enable full digital twin of the supply chain. We are well on our way towards a completely transparent value chain from suppliers through our manufacturing operations to our customers.