Scanfil ODIN – a cost-effective solution for production testing



Scanfil ODIN is a family of solutions for production testing. It is an ideal and cost-efficient solution for production testing and executing a successful testing strategy.

“A carefully considered testing strategy prevents faults in products and components before the products enter the market” says Reijo Kalenius, Development Manager at Scanfil, and continues “However, an optimal testing strategy requires understanding of the complexity and diversity of the products.”

An optimal test strategy defines what test equipment to use, what kinds of tests to perform, what product assembly level to test, how to perform the tests in a cost-efficient manner and what test coverage to aim for. “The test strategy should be defined already in the product development stage so that the product can be developed to support the test needs”, Kalenius reminds.

Scanfil ODIN offers many benefits to the customer
To help our customers with an optimal testing strategy, Scanfil offers a Testing-as-a-Service –solution. It provides unparalleled benefits such as reduced tied-up capital, lower lifecycle costs, virtually unlimited capacity, fast recovery time, and regional support at the production site.

“Outsourcing the test development and maintenance to Scanfil allows our customers to focus on their core business.” Kalenius explains and continues “It also enables them to benefit from a generic platform with limited investment to the customer. Scanfil owns the platform and our customers need only to invest in the application specific fixtures.”

Scanfil ODIN FCT for example is used for functional testing (FCT) of printed circuit board assemblies, typically aiming to test all the intended functions of the electronic board. The ODIN FCT platform has global support within the Scanfil factory network, a robust exchangeable cassette interface that provides fast change over times as well as rigid and reliable connections without wiring, and a hardware abstraction layer that allows equipment updates without test sequence changes.

Future of Scanfil ODIN
The functional test platform project started in 2019 with an extensive stakeholder analysis. The technical requirements and the service concept are continuously reviewed and improved based on our customer’s needs. Now, we have already rolled out Scanfil ODIN FCT test platform globally, and the test concept is available for customer use in Scanfil factories in Suzhou, Sieradz, Pärnu, Malmö and Åtvidaberg. Currently we are widening the use of the ODIN family into other areas, such as safety and final testing. Interfaces to upstream and downstream IT systems have also been developed, which enables for example smarter use of the data collected from the testers.

“The recently launched ODIN solution has been met with a high customer demand, and the benefits of the service are undeniable”, Kalenius says. “It significantly improves the quality of the products.”

If you want to hear more about the testing service, please contact: Reijo Kalenius, Development Manager, reijo.kalenius(at)