Scanfil Åtvidaberg introduces a complete paperless system for digitizing manufacturing instructions and eDH



Digital work instructions represent the evolution of traditional printed instructions and help Scanfil to become a smart manufacturer by leveraging the latest advances in Industry 4.0.

All assembly instructions, drawings, training videos, specifications, instructions of special processes, etc., will be carried out directly to the manufacturing area and directly connected with the operators. This means that all information needed on the assembly line is instantly accessible, and important information for documentation requirements is recorded in the same system.

Instructions are created with step-by-step visual instructions based on photos and videos from the actual assembly-line. They are created on different levels, so both beginners and more experienced operators can be supported.

Connection to the ERP system gives faster setup-times. It ensures the proper instruction, right revision, and controls that all operations are performed correctly for every single manufactured device.

The new system is already implemented in two lines, where eDHR (electronic Device History Record) is part of one medical line.  This supports the highest level of requirements in medical device manufacturing. All existing instructions in the factory are transferred to the new digital format, and the rest of the factory is ongoing.

This new system opens many possibilities for the future and will surely strengthen Scanfil’s competitiveness in both quality and efficiency. It is a strong platform for continuous development and gives endless opportunities to continually develop Scanfil as a “best in class” partner in contract manufacturing.


Mats Lindblad
Director, Quality