Scanfil expands its Wutha factory in Germany by 50%


Scanfil plc     Press Release     21 January 2022 at 8.00 a.m. CET

Scanfil expands its Wutha factory in Germany by 50%

Scanfil’s factory in Wutha-Farnroda in Germany will increase by 2,200 m². The expansion is estimated to be in production use during the second quarter of 2022. The existing factory is 4,500 m² and employs approximately 270 professionals.

“We are glad to announce us growing in Wutha, in the heart of Germany. Our factory is well located and close to our customers and their R&D,” the CEO of Scanfil Petteri Jokitalo states. “Growth expectations have improved significantly and gave us the confidence to invest more in Wutha.”

The adjoining building is now under construction to meet an EMS service provider’s high-quality requirements. Some of our customers in Wutha come from the medical sector, which has the most demanding standard for production quality and precision.

“The majority of our customers come from the automation and safety sector, but there are also good growth prospects in medical and cleantech,” says Dr. Heribert Raaf, the Managing Director of the Wutha factory. “In the future, with the new capacity the high requirements of the customers are met even better than before and we are ready for the growth.”

With the expansion, the factory will become an even stronger partner for the Central European and German customers. It has been one of the leading close-to-customer R&D factories and the investment improves its capabilities e.g. in New Product Introduction (NPI), fast prototyping and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) even further.

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Petteri Jokitalo, CEO
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Dr. Heribert Raaf, Managing Director of Wutha-Farnroda factory
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Scanfil is an international manufacturing partner and system supplier for the electronics industry with 40 years of experience in demanding manufacturing. Scanfil provides its customers with an extensive array of services, ranging from product design to product manufacturing, material procurement and logistics solutions. Vertically integrated production and a comprehensive supply chain are the foundation of Scanfil’s competitive advantages: speed, flexibility and reliability.

Typical Scanfil products are modules or integrated products for e.g. self-service application, automation systems, wireless connectivity modules, climate control systems, collection and sorting systems, analysers and environmental measurement solutions. Scanfil services are used by numerous international automation, safety, energy, cleantech, connectivity and health service providers, as well as companies operating in the field of urbanisation. Scanfil’s network of factories consists of nine production units in Europe, Asia and North America.