Kis Evo Booth visualization – showing how complex a photo booth can be



Together with KIS (part of the ME Group), one of Scanfil’s key customers in Myslowice Poland, we wanted to bring the product to life and show how complex a photo booth can be.

Photo booth is not just a machine – it’s a harmonious blend of creative thinking, various manufacturing technologies, and craftsmanship skills used in a systematic and repeatable manner.

For production, we use a variety of materials that converge to create a unique aesthetic and functionality. Each element plays its role, simultaneously forming the distinctive character of the photo booth, meeting the expectations of our clients, and their end customers. Our role is to transform the client’s vision into reality. Together with them, we create more than just a product – we craft an experience and build shared relationships.

Thank you for the trust our client has bestowed upon us, allowing us to participate in this exciting project. We are crafting something exceptional for you.