Happy holidays to fellow Scanfilians, customers and business partners



A memorable year is coming to an end: it had ups and downs.

Dear fellow Scanfilians, customers and business partners,

A memorable year is coming to an end. It had ups and downs: all-time high demand, COVID-19 started to lose its grip, challenges in semiconductor availability, high inflation propelled by Russia’s devastating attack on Ukraine and concerns about the economic downturn.

Humankind has survived many challenges: pandemics, wars, economic recessions and environmental concerns. We have to believe and do what we can to overcome these challenges. Scanfil takes these challenges seriously and wants to do its part.

We aim to reduce our CO2 emissions and waste, secure Scanfil as a workplace with equal opportunity for all, reduce perceived bullying and discrimination and improve our suppliers’ and business partners’ commitment to sustainability targets with the EcoVadis assessment.

One company or individual cannot change the world, but we can contribute to and drive the change. During the holiday season, it is good to remember your loved ones and start from there and give them your time and attention.

I wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year.

Kindest regards, Petteri, The CEO of Scanfil