Scanfil invests in a new SMT line in Atlanta and continues co-operation with ASMPT



Scanfil is expanding its operations and investing in SMT production at its Atlanta factory in the US. The investment decision was driven by the significant Americas region growth in important customer segments.

In 2022, Scanfil announced a 50% production area expansion at the Atlanta factory. In addition to the new production area, the investment included Scanfil’s first SMT line in the USA. The investment decision was driven by the significant growth potential in Americas region gdriven by customer segments such as MedTech, Automation & Safety, and Energy & Cleantech.

“Accelerating time-to-market and providing local design and manufacturing will open many opportunities for us”, says Jaron Cherry, Scanfil North American Director of Sales, and continues “with this investment, Scanfil now provides a highly efficient, end-to-end solution for our Americas-based customers”.

One of Scanfil’s advantages is that the company has the same systems, alike assembly line set-ups, NPI processes, and even identical MES programming across its site network. This structure enables seamless production transfer to any global site with no interruption. Scanfil has partnered with ASMPT for its SMT production worldwide. This relationship and investment continue with the installation of the newest line at the Atlanta factory. “The collaboration between Scanfil and ASMPT began over 20 years ago, and while technology has seen significant evolution, the trust and communication between the two companies has remained solid,” says Global Director of Manufacturing Technology Miikka Ahola. “Our Atlanta factory expansion is the latest in a long line of successful projects with ASMPT.”

As of August 1, Scanfil Atlanta’s PCBA production line will be up and running.

About the Atlanta factory

Atlanta is a modern factory mainly focused on the assembly of MedTech, power electronics, electrical panels, refrigerated products, IoT, and payment solutions. Additional key services include distribution and Repair as a Service. Scanfil Atlanta is positioned as a close-to-customer market factory specializing in serving demanding global and local customers.

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