ReQuTech selects Scanfil as the manufacturing partner

ReQuTech and Scanfil work together to ramp-up production of RESA Ku and Ka band terminals during the fourth quarter of 2023 and early 2024.

It is the next generation satcom ground terminal, which allows high throughput for on-the-paus and on-the-move satellite communications.

The companies signed a framework agreement in 2022 for final assembly and cooperation for long-term production.

“The strategic production partnership and securing long-term volume production is of utmost importance for ReQuTech Partners at this moment. We value our cooperation with Scanfil. Our engineering and production cooperations with our different teams working together over the past years have been a great success”, says ReQuTech CEO Omid Sotoudeh. “The goal is to initiate in 2024 and gradually reach a production of a few hundred RESA M Ku and Ka Multi-Orbit terminals per month by the first quarter of 2025”.

About ReQuTech – develops state-of-the-art fully integrated systems for satellite communications. ReQuTech Electronically Steered Antenna series RESA is developed for Ku and Ka band and is at the moment under trials with major operators. We aim to deliver reliable and robust systems and work with our customers to find the most suitable solutions for each application.