Core Strategy

Close to our customers

Scanfil has a clear core strategy that we have perfected over a long time and that we continuously refine to make sure we stay competitive, relevant, and close to our customers

Your global, most preferred supply chain and manufacturing partner

Our vision goes for all our stakeholders, such as our customers, our people, and our suppliers.


Scanfil helps customers to succeed by providing effective and innovative solutions that bring products from idea to life and maintain product competitiveness over the lifespan.

What we do and our target customers

All our sites have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, competencies, and processes focusing on Electronic Manufacturing and System Integration. We focus on B2B-customers within market areas such as Industrial, Consumer Applications, Energy & Automation, MedTech & Life Science, Communication.

We are primarily looking for customers that want to have long term co-operation.

To be at the forefront and stay competitive with our customers, we always strive for “Best in class” in manufacturing and have quality as our guiding star in everything we do.

We are close to our customers

From a strategic and customer-oriented point of view, we divide our production sites into two main categories – “Close to customers R&D-sites” and “Close to customer Market-sites.”

Close to customers R&D

The target is to identify and acquire new customers in the region/country where they are located. From the close to customer R&D sites, we support our customers from the early stage of the life-cycle, often already in the design phase of a product or the ramp up of a company. We use flexible machines and give strong support when scaling up your company to serve a global market. We focus on total cost and proactivity.

When we have scaled up your production to higher volumes and need to get closer to your global markets, we easily transfer the production to our volume manufacturing sites.

Close to customers market

Our close to customer market sites is our volume manufacturing sites. Here we have invested heavily in state-of-the-art machines and robust processes for high on-time-delivery, yield and process control. We use automated processes and strong global buy power for cost competitiveness and we focus on low product cost and high reliability.