Supplier quality and sustainability

Scanfil always strives to meet & exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations and from the society where we operate.


Quality is not an option. Scanfil always strives to meet & exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations and from the society where we operate. 

To succeed with this, we need suppliers with the same mindset. Only with partners sharing our values we can be best in class.

As a supplier to Scanfil, you are requested to work with standardized processes and continuous improvements. An identified problem is always a source of improvement. 

By a careful supplier selection process and good communication models, we secure a supply chain that shares Scanfil’s values, which build our foundation of long-term business relations.


Scanfil’s objective is sustainable growth and strengthening the competitiveness of our customers and their products. Scanfil is working with continuous improvements by taking into account the environmental aspects and requirements of customers, recognizing the effects of production on the environment, and trying to minimize the environmental hazard. We expect our suppliers to continuously work following these principles, uphold the human rights of workers, and treat them with dignity and respect as understood by the international community. 

Scanfil meet and is compliant to all laws & regulation that are valid where Scanfil is active. We always try to help our customers meeting specific market regulations.

Scanfil has implemented procedures to meet legislation based on EU Directives such as, but not limited to, Reach & RoHS. For components and products (BOM Material) used in our manufactured products, Scanfil will always inform its supplier about the requirements. In return, we expect that they will report any non-conformities back to us.

Scanfil unreservedly supports efforts to sever the connection between the mining of minerals and armed conflict funding. Scanfil is taking appropriate actions to support its customers’ efforts to avoid illegal and unethical mineral sourcing in the products we manufacture for them and to comply with the requirements under conflict minerals legislation. Scanfil does not directly purchase any conflict minerals from any source and does not knowingly procure any products containing conflict minerals from the conflict region. 

Scanfil can offer services like analyze and verify RoHS, Reach, and Conflict Minerals compliance of components and materials used for our customers’ products.

Supplier Code of Conduct, Conflict Mineral Policy, Basic Requirements and Procurement Conditions

Supplier Code of Conduct
Conflict Mineral Policy
Scanfil Supplier Basic Requirements
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