Cost-efficiency Through a Full Range of Services

Scanfil helps lead our customers to success by providing reliable and effective manufacturing services and supply chain implementation.

Scanfil's electronics manufacturing offers a full range of services, starting from prototype manufacturing and material procurement via international channels and ending with a complete, fully tested and packaged end product. Close cooperation with customers ensures the best possible manufacturability and cost-efficient production. Internal cooperation at Scanfil guarantees the flexible production of mechanics and electronics, as well as the seamless compatibility of different product components.

Scanfil has expertise in the manufacturing processes of the various electronics. The success of electronics manufacturing relies on the implementation of the cutting edge methods, flexibility, scalability, and ultimately producing the highest quality product for our customers. All of our facilities employ the internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma process development method, which helps us to optimise our production resources and manufacture products of the highest quality. Scanfil is proud to have more than 100 Lean Six Sigma experts on our team.

Our superior electronics manufacturing processes include:

  • Flexible SMT (Surface Mount Technology) coating lines
  • Fast prototyping
  • Various soldering processes (reflow, wave and selective soldering)
  • Diverse variety of testing and inspecting equipment, including X-ray and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) equipment

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