Market Segments

A balanced customer portfolio

Today we are focusing on five different market segments that all have strong growth potential

Scanfil is strategically and systematically working to achieve a broad customer base from different market segments to achieve a healthy balance in our customer portfolio, providing a strong foundation for our stakeholders.

We are fully committed to meet the needed specific requirements that might come with doing business in a specific market area. Customers from all market areas can utilize and genuinely benefit from our full range of services.

Advanced Consumer Applications

End products and solutions are often used in public places. End products are ,e.g., self-service applications, handover automation (e.g. parcel lockers for logistic services) and elevators.

Automation & Safety

End products in this segment are, e.g., cameras for network video solutions, access control systems and automation systems.


End products in this segment are, e.g. , wireless connectivity modules and radio systems.

Energy & Cleantech

End products in this segment are, e.g., reverse vending machines, air and water cleaners, indoor climate control systems, energy systems and automated collection and sorting solutions.

Medtech & Life Science

End products for the segment are, e.g., dental chairs, analyzers, mass spectrometers and solutions for environmental measuring.