Scanfil History

Over 40 years of experience

Established in Sievi in 1976, Scanfil has grown from a Finnish manufacturer of sheet metal mechanics for the electronics industry into a globally preferred partner in electronics manufacturing and system supplying.

Today, Scanfil is the market leader in the Nordic countries, among the largest companies in its sector in Europe and a household name in the global market.


Jorma J. Takanen establishes Scanfil Oy, a manufacturer of sheet metal mechanics for the electronics industry, in Sievi. The first production facility is located in a garage but plans of a Scanfil plant soon become a reality.


Through its first business arrangements, Scanfil expands its operations into electronics manufacturing and testing. As a result, the company operates as a contract manufacturer of electronics and mechanics.


During its first ten years of operations, Scanfil assumes an impressive position as a contract manufacturer of electronics and mechanics in terms of both technology and market position.


The 1990s signifies strong growth for Scanfil, and the company’s turnover increases from EUR 5 million to more than EUR 220 million. The growth is triggered by the completion of the Oulu plant in 1990, the first one outside Sievi.


By the end of the decade, Scanfil is able to act as a system supplier, and the company’s customers consist of significant international companies operating in the fields of telecommunications and industrial electronics.


The global change in industrial structures does not leave Scanfil unaffected. The transfer of production in data network and industrial electronics markets to low-cost countries increases, which signifies rapid and strong internationalisation for Scanfil. The company wishes to respond to the structural change caused by changes in the focus points of customer operations and demand, and the first foreign Scanfil subsidiary is opened in Hungary.


Wecan Electronics Oyj is merged with Scanfil, and Scanfil becomes a listed company. From now on, the company operates under the name Scanfil Plc. Through the merger, Scanfil increases its operations in China and Estonia, which supports the company’s internationalisation plans.


Scanfil expands its operations in China as mechanics manufacturing and integration are added to services in China as a result of business acquisitions. The Hangzhou plant produces the same full-range system supplier services as those produced in Europe: mechanical engineering, electronics and mechanics manufacturing and testing, and production logistics planning and management.


In addition to Finland, Scanfil has production plants in Belgium, Hungary and Estonia, as well as two plants in China. For the first time, the company has more employees outside than inside Finland.


During the following years, Scanfil carries out business arrangements, as a result of which contract manufacturing is continued under the name Scanfil Plc and investment operations are run under the name Sievi Capital Plc. This arrangement facilitates future business arrangements and acquisitions.


Scanfil’s customers include internationally operating professional electronics and telecommunications systems manufacturers. Professional electronics already account for nearly half of the company’s turnover. This is based on the structural change which took place in the market over the past decade, as a result of which Scanfil shifted its focus towards professional electronics.


The share of professional electronics from the company’s turnover continues to increase. In 2012, they account for up to 75 per cent of turnover. Expanding and balancing the customer base is a profitable strategy because the mature contract manufacturing industry and the structural change divide the market more distinctively into consumption and investment asset markets. The company’s customers represent a variety of industries, which balances industry-specific fluctuations in demand.

Scanfil plc was established in partial demerger of Sievi Capital plc, which was implemented on 1 January 2012. At the same time Scanfil plc was also listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. More information about the partial demerger is presented in the material below. Demerger material.


Scanfil acquires the business operations of German Schaltex Systems GmbH.


The company continues its strong growth through business acquisitions. Scanfil acquires Swedish PartnerTech AB, a globally operating contract manufacturer and supplier of after-sales market services. Through the transaction, Scanfil more than doubles its pro forma turnover (EUR 500 million), number of personnel (3,500 employees) and number of production facilities (16 plants). After the transaction, Scanfil has production plants in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, the UK, Poland, Hungary, Germany, China and the USA.

Documentation concerning PartnerTech acquisition 2015

Scanfil’s service range has continued to expand in the 2010s. Its services range from product design to product manufacturing, supply chain management, logistics solutions and various after-sales services.


Scanfil acquires the business operations of German HASEC- Elektronics GmbH.