Customers Enable Global Growth Potential

Scanfil has systematically expanded its customer base into new market segments that offer enourmous growth potential.

Since we have expertise in a wide variety of industries our customers can trust us with the product development, production and supply chain management of their products which gives them the opportunity to shift focus to R&D and to advance their business.

Energy and Automation

  • Energy efficiency, the production of renewable energy, urbanisation – particularly in emerging markets – and the general increase in industrial automation to improve productivity.
  • Electricity production and distribution systems, process control systems, energy efficiency systems, such as frequency converters, inverters, switches and automation systems.
  • Examples of customers: Vacon (Danfoss), ABB, The Switch (Yaskawa), Metso

Networks and Communications

  • Digitisation and the increasing significance of telecommunications in society, as well as wireless solutions and the Internet of Things.
  • Broadband, communications and mobile network equipment and systems, such as base stations, exchanges and amplifiers.
  • Examples of customers: Nokia, Ericsson, Airbus, Teleste, Axis

Medtech, Life Science and Environmental Measurements

  • Population ageing, healthcare needs in emerging markets, the monitoring of food, water and air quality, as well as the need to predict weather phenomena.
  • Equipment associated with medical technology, research and climate and environmental monitoring, such as dental chairs, analysers, mass spectrometers and cloud height indicators. 
  • Examples of customers: Thermo Fisher Scientific, Planmeca, Vaisala, Getinge

Urban Applications

  • Urbanisation, particularly in developing countries, an increase in the size of the middle class, particularly in Asia, and the increasing ageing population.
  • Products and solutions related to urbanisation, such as elevators, escalators, and slot and vending machines. 
  • Examples of customers: Kone, RAY, Photo-Me (KIS), Tomra


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