Financial performance

Scanfil was founded over 40 years ago and has made profit every single year since. Our success is based on sound investments over time, caring about our people and our strong company culture. The turnover has grown without sacrificing profitability and we aim to keep our good profitably in the future. The Scanfil financial philosophy is rooted in controlling the costs efficiently – that’s why Scanfil is a preferred and risk-free partner in electronics manufacturing. 

Driven by the strong customer demand, the year 2021 became a record year of growth and turnover. This all despite the pandemic and the challenges of material availability. Turnover increased by 16.9% to EUR 696 million. Nearly reaching the target of EUR 700 million set for 2023 – two years ahead of schedule.

Adjusted operating profit in 2021 was EUR 40.3 million, 5.8% of turnover falling short of the long-term target level of 7%.

The demand outlook for Scanfil’s customers is strong for 2022, and our focus is very clear:  we continue to respond to our customer demand, organic growth and turning our profitability to the target we have set. The short-term challenges and risks are mainly related to the availability of materials, especially semiconductors, which we believe will continue to be challenging at least in the first half of the year.