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 Insider Guidelines

Scanfil plc has insider guidelines that comply with the Guidelines for Insiders of the Helsinki Exchanges. In compliance with the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU), N:o 596/2014) (“MAR”), the person discharging managerial responsibilities in Scanfil Oyj include the members of the Board of Directors, CEO and members of the Management Team (“Managers”). MAR prohibits the defined Managers to trade the company's shares during 30 days before the publication of financial results.

As a result of MAR regulation Scanfil Oyj does not have a public insider register. As of 3 July, 2016 Scanfil Oyj will publish all transactions by Managers by stock exchange release in line with the Market Abuse Regulation.

The company also establishes and maintains project-specific insider registers according to law and other regulation. Project-specific insiders are prohibited from trading with shares of Scanfil until the termination of the project.