Global Network, Local Service

While we are a large international organization, we are also local and close to our customers. Our global network consists of 10 production facilities operating around the world. Each plant plays a key part in our vertically integrated production.

Our global plant network offers a full-range of services and reliable supply chain where the quality and speed of production has been optimised to the highest possible level. Thanks to our plants located in Europe, Asia and North America, we are always close to our customers, logistically speaking. Scanfil's headquarters is located in Sievi, Finland.

We are a single plant, operating globally. All of Scanfil's production facilities operate according to standardised methods and strict quality and supply chain criteria, regardless of the product. We have the ability to respond rapidly to increases in order volumes, giving our customers the opportunity for shorter lead times for distributing products to new markets.

All of Scanfil's plants follow the internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma process development method, which further improves the efficiency of our operations and ensures consistent quality of our products. We want to lead the way in all of our production areas. That is why we are continuously developing our operations using various process development and quality projects. Read what Scanfil quality is all about.

Efficient production while respecting the environment

The goal of Scanfil's environmental policy is to use raw materials and energy in an economical manner and to minimise emissions. Each facility has a certified ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system.

We adhere to sustainable environmental management by evaluating environmental aspects from different perspectives and defining an annual environmental programme, the objective of which is to reduce environmental impact and the use of non-renewable natural resources. We monitor energy consumption, the utilisation of raw materials and the recycling of waste. As stated in our environmental policy, we are continuously looking for more economical and green operating methods. Read more about Scanfil's environmental programme.

Read more about our global network.

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