Quality Comes from the Right Attitude

We take quality seriously. At Scanfil, quality starts from the engagement of the top management and extends throughout the production process and supply chain. We have the determination and expertise to manufacture products of the highest quality.

We are measuring and developing our operational efficiency and quality following the principle of continuous improvement. Our rigorous processes offer standardised operating methods for Scanfil's global network to ensure that our customers’ products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Each Scanfil facility has a certified ISO 9001-compliant quality management system. Additionally, selected plants have more detailed certified quality management systems aimed at meeting the needs to specific industries. For example, plants that serve medical customer accounts have a certified ISO 13485-compliant quality management system.

The quality of our operations consists of highly standardised processes and our highly skilled and trained personnel. At all of our plants, Scanfil uses the internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma process development method, which helps us to optimise our production resources and manufacture products of a consistent quality standard.

Scanfil's high-quality production is completed using a functional quality assurance plan. Our plants use the FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) risk evaluation method, which helps us to identify any risk-prone areas in our production. Being aware of potential issues allows us the ability to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.

We know the quality of your product is of utmost importance.  That is why maintaining the highest quality standards in manufacturing is a priority at Scanfil.



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