We Operate While Respecting the Environment

The goal of Scanfil's environmental policy is to use raw materials and energy in the most cost-efficient manner and to minimise emissions. Our detailed environmental policy reflects Scanfil's core values. We want to operate supporting sustainable development and following ethical principles.

All of Scanfil's plants have a certified ISO 14001-compliant. Our plants operate globally following the requirements and values of a common environmental certificate. We fulfil local requirements set in the legislation of each operating country.

We ensure that environmental policies are understood at all organisational levels. The company’s management oversees the implementation of the environmental policy, the development of key indicators and the fulfilment of the goals set, both locally and at a group level. We are committed to providing our employees with the necessary knowledge and training so that they can work according to the objectives of our environmental policy.

Through our environmental programme, we track:

Management and the reduction of energy use
Our goal is to reduce energy consumption and to utilise renewable sources of energy. The objective of our environmental policy is to reduce electric consumption every year.

Green purchases
We utilise recycled materials, use energy-efficient equipment and select environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

Use and reduction of hazardous substances
We see to the safe handling, storage and disposal of the hazardous substances required by production in an environmentally sustainable way.

Use of water in production
Our objective is to reduce water consumption in production each year and we are always looking for ways to increase water recirculation in our production.

Utilisation of metals
We aim to further improve the use of metals in the production process.

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