Customers Enable Global Growth Potential

Scanfil has systematically expanded its customer base into new market segments that offer enormous growth potential.

Since we have expertise in a wide variety of industries our customers can trust us with the production and supply chain management of their products which gives them the opportunity to shift focus to R&D and to advance their business.

Energy and Automation

  • Energy efficiency, the production of renewable energy, urbanisation – particularly in emerging markets – and the general increase in industrial automation to improve productivity.
  • Electricity production and distribution systems, process control systems, energy efficiency systems, such as frequency converters, inverters, switches and automation systems.
  • Examples of customers: Vacon (Danfoss), ABB, The Switch (Yaskawa), Metso


  • Digitisation and the increasing significance of telecommunications in society, as well as wireless solutions and the Internet of Things.
  • Broadband, communications and mobile network equipment and systems, such as base stations, exchanges and amplifiers. 
  • Examples of customers: Nokia, Ericsson, Airbus, Teleste, Axis

Medtech, Life Science and Environmental Measurements

  • Population ageing, healthcare needs in emerging markets, the monitoring of food, water and air quality, as well as the need to predict weather phenomena.
  • Equipment associated with medical technology, research and climate and environmental monitoring, such as dental chairs, analysers, mass spectrometers and cloud height indicators. 
  • Examples of customers: Thermo Fischer Scientific, Planmeca, Vaisala, Getinge

Urban Applications

  • Urbanisation, particularly in developing countries, an increase in the size of the middle class, particularly in Asia, and the increasing ageing population.
  • Products and solutions related to urbanisation, such as elevators, escalators, and slot and vending machines. 
  • Examples of customers: Kone, RAY, Photo-Me (KIS), Tomra

Defence, Oil & Gas and Maritime

  • Cost-Efficient solutions for the oil and gas industry, which have shown an increase in demand as a result of low oil prices. The unstable geopolitical situation forces different parties to invest in information security and defence solutions.
  • Typical products include components and systems governed by strict quality and traceability requirements. These products are used in harsh environments, such as underwater monitoring systems, seismic activities and various defence applications.
  • Examples of customers: Aker Solutions, INVISIO, Saab, BAE Systems


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